Module Saxon HE

Full project name: lab-dependencies/info.textgrid:net.sf.saxon9he.feature
Disk Usage Trend
Disk Usage Trend
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Finished Calculation of disk usage of workspace in 0 seconds
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Finished: NOT_BUILT
Last Successful Artifacts
net.sf.saxon9he.feature-9.4.0-SNAPSHOT-p2artifacts.xml652 B view
net.sf.saxon9he.feature-9.4.0-SNAPSHOT-p2metadata.xml5.02 KB view
net.sf.saxon9he.feature-9.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar2.38 KB view
net.sf.saxon9he.feature-9.4.0-SNAPSHOT.pom629 B view

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Disk Usage
Directory iconJob3 MB
Directory iconAll builds1 MB
Directory iconLocked builds-
Directory iconAll workspaces24 KB
Directory iconSlave workspaces24 KB
Directory iconNon-slave workspaces-