Sound Control Panel

Insufficient privileges to use the Sound Control Panel.

Triggering sounds:

Sounds can be triggered using:
  • a Job Build action
  • a Job Post-build action (e.g. on failure)
  • by making an HTTP POST request to<URL> (currently only supported in BROWSER mode)

Sound output:

Sound can be configured to be output to:
  • the audio hardware of the Jenkins server host
  • an operating system pipe (OS dependent)
  • all compatible browsers on a Jenkins page

Troubleshooting tips:

If sound does not work some of the checks below might lead you to a solution:
  • Check the system is configured properly:
    • Sound output option in System Configuration (currently 'BROWSER').
      • LOCAL hardware - check your sound hardware and that it is detected by Java.
      • BROWSER - check Hudson URL (currently
      • PIPE - check that pipe command can connect without password or any other prompt.
  • Check sound file formats.
    • WAV is most widely supported, but some WAV files use MPEG which is not.
    • AU and AIFF are normally supported.
    • MP3 is not widely supported.
    • OGG should work on most browsers, but is not supported on local hardware.
  • Check browser capability.
    • If using the BROWSER option, your browser must be HTML5 Audio capable.
  • Sounds are not muted.
    • If using the BROWSER option, browsers may take up to 1 minute to begin to play sounds after being un-muted.
  • Check the plugin homepage for updates and report problems (and successes! - all feedback welcome).