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  1. rename net.sf.saxon9he.feature to tglab-saxon-feature (details / redmineweb)
  2. all versions to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT for better releasability (details / redmineweb)
  3. add gitflow-maven-plugin (details / redmineweb)
  4. add (details / redmineweb)

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 Tgauth Client Feature21 ms
 Confclient Feature0 ms
 Core Libs Feature2 ms
 TgCrud Client Feature6 ms
 TgRep Core Feature1 ms
 Saxon HE (didn’t run)
 p2repository0 ms
 Projectfile Feature1 ms
 TgSearch Client Feature1 ms
 TextGridLab Dependencies0 ms
 Saxon TextGridLab feature44 ms
 tgpublish client feature0 ms
 TgRep Core Feature0 ms
 jre16-fragment0 ms
 org.apache.cxf.cxf-bundle-jaxrs (didn’t run)
 tgauthclient-cxf-fragment0 ms
 tgcrudclient-cxf-fragment3 ms

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