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Added signing profile

Change TypePath in RepositoryPath in Workspace
The file was modified/trunk/lab/base-extras/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/base/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/collatex/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/core/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/dictionaries/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/glosses/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/help/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/linguistics/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/linkeditor/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/noteeditor/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/ttle/pom.xml (diff)N/A
The file was modified/trunk/lab/xmleditor/pom.xml (diff)N/A