1. rename net.sf.saxon9he.feature to tglab-saxon-feature (details)
  2. all versions to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT for better releasability (details)
  3. add gitflow-maven-plugin (details)
  4. add (details)
Commit a53dc718651c54e832b48531ad643333c43275e5 by veentjer
rename net.sf.saxon9he.feature to tglab-saxon-feature
The file was addedtglab-saxon-feature/ (diff)
The file was removednet.sf.saxon9he.feature/ (diff)
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)
The file was removednet.sf.saxon9he.feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was addedtglab-saxon-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was removednet.sf.saxon9he.feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedp2repository/category.xml (diff)
The file was addedtglab-saxon-feature/pom.xml (diff)
Commit 19688c6ef7b466443b8f98fe4d2d1c0ddd462ecd by veentjer
all versions to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT for better releasability
The file was modifiedcore-libs-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedsearchclient-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedprojectfile-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtgrep-core-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtgcrudclient-cxf-fragment/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (diff)
The file was modifiedtgcrudclient-cxf-fragment/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtglab-saxon-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtgauthclient-cxf-fragment/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (diff)
The file was modifiedjre16-fragment/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (diff)
The file was modifiedtgpublish-client-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedauthclient-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedconfclient-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedcore-libs-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedcxf-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedconfclient-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtgauthclient-cxf-fragment/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedjre16-fragment/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedauthclient-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtgpublish-client-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedcrudclient-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedcxf-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtgrep-core-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedtglab-saxon-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedprojectfile-feature/feature.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedp2repository/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedcrudclient-feature/pom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedsearchclient-feature/feature.xml (diff)
Commit ad8b86369dab42e95a459e7e77d49235edc5f745 by veentjer
add gitflow-maven-plugin
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedp2repository/pom.xml (diff)
The file was (diff)